Georgia Election Results
Official Results of the July 18, 2000 Primary Election

Statewide Vote Totals

Vote Totals by County
(Federal & Statewide Offices, Georgia General Assembly)

Summary of all Results Public Service Commissioner [Dem] [Rep]
Federal and Statewide Offices Public Service Commissioner [Dem] [Rep]
Georgia Senate U.S. House - 1st District [Dem] [Rep]
Georgia House of Representatives U.S. House - 2nd District [Dem] [Rep]
District Attorneys U.S. House - 3rd District [Dem] [Rep]
Supreme Court U.S. House - 4th District [Dem] [Rep]
Court of Appeals U.S. House - 5th District [Dem] [Rep]
Superior Court Judges U.S. House - 6th District [Dem] [Rep]
  U.S. House - 7th District [Dem] [Rep]
U.S. House - 8th District [Dem] [Rep]
U.S. House - 9th District [Dem] [Rep]
U.S. House - 10th District [Dem] [Rep]
U.S. House - 11th District [Rep]
Georgia Senate - Districts 1 - 56
Georgia House - Districts 1 - 180