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Additional Filings

Additional Required Filings For Paid Solicitors:


Paid solicitors which have physical possession or legal control over any contributions that it collects must attach to the paid solicitor application a $10,000.00 surety bond payable to the State of Georgia. In lieu of a surety bond, the Secretary of State will accept a certificate of deposit or letter of credit evidencing a deposit with a financial institution in the amount of $10,000.00 payable to the applicant and assigned to the Secretary of State. Such Deposits shall be held for the benefit of all persons to whom the applicant is liable for damages for a period of two years after the applicant's registration has expired or been revoked. The deposit shall be held at the expense of the applicant and shall not be released except upon application to and the written order of the Secretary of State. [O.C.G.A. 43-17-4]

Paid Solicitor Bond (Form S-100D)


Within 90 days after a solicitation campaign ends and on the anniversary of the beginning of a campaign that lasts more than a year, the paid solicitor must file, with the charitable organization and the Secretary of State, an accounting of all contributions collected and expenses paid. The accounting will be made on forms provided by the Secretary of State (Form S300) and shall be retained by the charitable organization for three years. [O.C.G.A. 43-17-3(g)]

Financial Report of Campaign (Form S-300)


Prior to the commencement of each solicitation campaign, the paid solicitor must file with the Secretary of State a solicitation notice (Form S200) and a $15.00 filing fee. Along with a copy of the contract which states the respective obligations of the paid solicitor and charitable organization and states the amount of compensation that the paid solicitor will receive. [O.C.G.A. 43-17-3(e)(1)]

Solicitation Notice (Form S-200)


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