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The First Stop Business Information Center provides small business owners and the prospective entrepreneurs with a central point of information and contacts for state regulatory requirements for operating a small business. The center helps small business development in Georgia by offering a central location for the licenses and permits which must be obtained by individuals and businesses. Almost every business requires a city or county business license, which is usually fairly simple to obtain, and some types of businesses must obtain licenses from the federal government to operate, while other businesses, occupations, and professions are licensed and regulated by the state.

Even though there are many variations regarding the requirements for obtaining licenses, these requirements generally relate to educational attainment, experience, passage of examinations, submission of detailed applications, meeting financial or bonding requirements, or paying of a licensing fee or tax. Certain local, city or county permits might have to be obtained. Before beginning a business, find out whether you must obtain any special licenses or permits.

The First Stop Business Information Center can help you contact the necessary offices in state and county government to obtain the necessary licenses or permits, and the Secretary of State and the First Stop Business Information Center encourage and foster business in Georgia. Please use the information here to help start your new business, and please contact us with any questions at (404) 656-2817, FAX (404) 656-0513.

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