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Search the Trademark and Service Mark Database

Thank you for using the Georgia Secretary of State’s Trademark and Service Mark Database. Understanding the limitations of this database can help you avoid significant problems. Please review the following information regarding trademark searches on our database: 

The fact that a mark is not present on the web database does not necessarily mean that the mark is not currently being used as a trademark.

  • Our database is updated daily.
  • Our database contains only those trademarks that are registered with the state of Georgia.
  • Our database does not contain information on federal, foreign, other states or common law trademarks.
  • Our database will not include new trademarks entered or edits made to individual records after its last update.
  • Our database will not list pending applications.
  • Any perceived error or inconsistency in these records must be resolved by examining the official record, which is the application/registration file.


To search the database, enter some or all of the following information:

  • The mark name or a keyword contained in the mark name
  • A keyword to be found in the description field
  • Connection (goods or services the mark is used in connection with)
  • The mark's owner     
  • The mark's classification 


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