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2016 Votes Cast for Certified Write-In Candidates

2016 Votes Cast for Certified Write-In Candidates

The totals below reflect the total number of write-in votes reported to the Secretary of State's Office by each county. The election results page that lists candidates who appeared on the ballot does not include write-in votes and these numbers are not reflected in candidate percentages. 

For county and local write-in results, please contact your county elections office

To see the vote totals by county, click HERE. (Please note that the empty cells indicate zero votes).


Candidate		Total
Stephen L. Allen 	5
Robert Buchanan 31
David C. Byrne 8
Darrell Castle 1,110
Loren Collins 22
Scott Cubbler 24
Claire E. Elliott 15
Cherunda Fox 78
Thomas Hoefling 70
Laurence Lotlikoff 34
Mike Maturen 151
Evan McMullin 13,017
Ricky Muhammad 30
Michael L. Smith 53
Jill Stein 7,674
Marc Urbach 5
Sandra Wilson 32

United States Senate

Candidate               Total
Michelle Gates		813

U.S. Representative, District 1

Candidate		Total
Nathan Russo 869

U.S. Representative, District 10

Candidate		Total
Leonard Ware		886

U.S. Representative, District 10

Candidate		Total
Patrick A. Boggs	210

State Senator, District 28

Candidate		Total 
Jan Horne 61

District Attorney, Eastern Circuit 

Candidate		Total
Zena E. McClain 357


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