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By law, voter registration lists are available to the public and contain the following information: voter name, residential address, mailing address if different, race, gender, registration date, and last voting date.  Pricing is set by the Secretary of State's Office.  Such data may not be used by any person for commercial purposes. (O.C.G.A. § 21-2-225 (c))


Please visit our new online store to order a list using a credit card. Click HERE to go to the online store. 


Please submit the fillable PDF form Voter List Request Form and payment (please see pricing below) to:

Secretary of State’s Office
2 Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive
Suite 802, West Tower
Atlanta, GA 30334


  • The purchaser is responsible for submitting orders with sufficient time for production and shipping of data prior to an election related event.  Standard processing time is one week from the date the order was received by the Secretary of State’s Office. All orders will be shipped via UPS or FedEx.
  • Any and all costs or fees charged for voter registration lists or data files are non-refundable.  The sole remedy for non-delivery of or “damaged” voter registration lists or data files is replacement of the original order.  The purchaser must provide immediate notification of non-delivery or damage to the original order.
  • Prior to the acceptance and processing of any order, the purchaser must remit payment for all charges in the form of a valid check, money order, or credit card (online system or in person pickup).  No other forms of payment are accepted.  All payments shall be paid to the order of “Georgia Secretary of State.”  The purchaser will be assessed a fee of $40.00 for any returned checks and starter checks are not accepted.


Voter Registration List Pricing Policy (Adopted December 23, 2016)

Please note that all orders will be charged a $5.00 shipping fee in addition to the price listed below. Please remember to include the shipping fee if you are paying with a check or money order. 

Statewide Voter List
County or Municipal District or Precinct Voter List
County Voter List
Municipal Voter List
Congressional, State Senate, State House, or Judicial District Voter List


State Voter List File Layout                       

Voter List File Layout

County code

Voter Registration

Registration number

Registration Date

Voter status


Last name

Street #

First name

Apt #

Middle maiden name

Street Name

Name suffix


Name title

Zip Code

Residence house number


Residence street name

Mailing Address

Residence street suffix


Residence apt unit nbr


Residence city


Residence zipcode

Year of Birth


Special Designation

Registration date

County Precinct


County Precinct Description


Municipal Precinct

Land district

Municipal Precinct Description

Land lot

Combo #

Status reason

Last Voted Date

County precinct id

Last Voted Party

City precinct id

CNG: Congressional

Congressional district

SEN: Senate

Senate district

HSE: House

House district

JUD: Judicial

Judicial district

COM: Commission

Commission district

SCH: School

School district

WRD: Ward

County district a name

CITYL: City council

County district a value

MUNIB: Municipal Board of Education

County district b name

WTR: Water Board

County district b value

SCM: Super Commissioner

Municipal name

SBD: Super Board of Education

Municipal code

FIR: Fire Board

Ward city council name

Ward city council code

City school district name

City school district value

City dista name

City dista value

City distb name

City distb value

City distc name

City distc value

City distd name

City distd value

Date last voted

Party last voted

Date added

Date changed

District combo

Race desc

Last contact date

Mail house nbr

Mail street name

Mail apt unit nbr

Mail city

Mail state

Mail zip code

Mail address 2

Mail address 3

Mail country


214 State Capitol
Atlanta, Georgia 30334
© 2012 Georgia Secretary of State