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Child Support and Student Loan Suspensions

The Secretary of State’s office has the authority to suspend the professional licenses (i.e. dentists, engineers, used car dealers, cosmetologists, stock brokers, etc.) of those individuals who are delinquent in paying their court-ordered child support. Through this program, the Secretary of State’s office has collected millions of dollars in past due support. This authority does not extend to professionals who receive licensure through other agencies. For example, other state agencies have the ability to suspend drivers’ licenses when child support is owed.

Additionally, a professional licensing board has the authority to suspend the professional licenses of those individuals who have been certified by a federal agency and reported to the board for nonpayment, default or breach of a repayment or service obligation under any federal educational loan, loan repayment, or service conditional scholarship program.

To utilize this program, a parent must work through the Child Support Enforcement offices of the Georgia Department of Human Resources . If the Child Support Enforcement offices are in possession of your records of child support obligations, a match is made by computer with the Secretary of State’s list of licensed professionals. The parent who owes child support is then notified and given a short time to make arrangements for payment.

If you need to reach the Child Support Recovery offices, please call the Customer Service number at 1-800-227-7993. Once you hear a recording, you can press “0”  to speak to a live customer service representative. You can also fax information to the Department of Human Resources at 404-463-7351. Once your child’s support orders are on the Department of Human Resources computer system, they will be automatically matched against the Secretary of State’s system.


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