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Frequently Asked Questions

 To obtain a state license as a conditioned air contractor, you must:

1. Submit a completed application and non-refundable fee with documentation of the required experience and other qualifications and reference information,
2. Submit a completed examination scheduling form with fee, and
3. Pass the examination.

For a description of the licensing requirements, see Board Rule 121-2-03 .  

The Georgia Board does have reciprocal agreements to accept the results of some examinations conducted by other state boards. The Georgia Board will accept results of approved examinations conducted by:

1. Louisiana

2.  South Carolina 

3. Texas 

With your application, you must submit a certification letter from the respective state board verifying that you hold a license and have passed the state examination

You must apply for renewal prior to the expiration date. A renewal email reminder is sent to all current licensees approximately 8 weeks prior to renewal. The renewal fee for a two-year period is $75.00,  To qualify for renewal, conditioned air contractors must have completed continuing education. See Board Rule 121-4-.05  for complete details.

Businesses are required to meet requirements of the federal, state, and local governments. To determine federal and local requirements, you will need to contact those agencies directly. A listing should be available in the government section of your telephone directory. To contact information for state agencies, reference the First Stop Business Information Center . 

See Board Rule 121-4-.05   for the requirements for continuing education. Persons holding a conditioned air contractor license license must complete at least 4 hours per year of instruction related to their profession. Courses must be conducted by a college, vocational-technical school, or trade association. Conditioned air contractors may also complete courses conducted by a utility or equipment manufacturer. To determine when courses are held, you must contact one of these agencies directly.  You can find a list of providers here.  

 You may download application forms here, or contact the board office at:

237 Coliseum Drive
Macon, GA
(478) 207-2440

Please provide your name, mailing address and the type of license you are requesting.


214 State Capitol
Atlanta, Georgia 30334
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