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Frequently Asked Questions

Submit a completed application, non-refundable fee, copy of high school diploma, transcript or GED certificate, and a photo taken within one year. Complete applications with all attachments and documents will be scheduled for examinations.

If applying on the basis of education, the applicant must have satisfactorily completed a course of study in a recognized school of ophthalmic dispensing approved by the Board. An official College transcript, with graduation date, and copy of diploma must accompany application showing completion of program.

If applying on the basis of experience, submit the Affidavit of Experience and employment. If you worked under the supervision of an out-of-state Optician, Optometrist, or Medical Doctor, also submit a copy of their current license. (Must be registered with the Board as an "Apprentice" and have minimum of two years and 3,000 hours experience - experience starts accruing the date of the approval of the apprenticeship registration with the Board)

If applying on the basis of education and experience, submit all documents listed above.

All applicants are required to pass the American Board of Opticianry Examination (ABO)/National Contact Lens Examination (NCLE) national competency exams: the NOCE and CLRE. Submit current ABO & NCLE certificates, or if applicable, request scores be certified from the national board to the Board office.

In addition, passage of the ABO/NCLE Practical Examination is also required. The Board no longer administers the Georgia Practical Exam.

Foreign applicants are also required to pass the Georgia Practical Examination. Applicants who have obtained education requirements outside the United States will be reviewed by the Board. Acceptable titles for licensure:

Optician’s Assistant
Degree in Opticianry
Opthalmic Dispensing & Opticianry certificates

Acceptable forms for verification of age other than a birth certificate:

I-551 (Permanent Resident Card or "Green Card")
Naturalization certificate

All applicants are required to pass the ABO/NCLE national competency exams (NOCE & CLRE) and the ABO/NCLE Practical Exam for licensure in Georgia as a dispensing optician. 

The GA Board of Examiners of Dispensing Opticians will no longer administer the Georgia Practical Exam. Effective January 1, 2016, in addition to the ABO/NCLE national competency exams (NOCE & CLRE), the ABO/NCLE Practical Exam will be required by the Board for licensure in Georgia as a dispensing optician.

Once an application is approved by the Board, applicants will receive a letter of approval to contact ABO/NCLE to register and sit for the ABO/NCLE Practical Exam. Information on the ABO/NCLE  Practical Exam will soon be available on their website,

See the fee schedule for the current non-refundable fees for all applications.

Once your license has been issued, it will be available on the board website. You may check the status of your application, verify your licensure, and print your license from this site.                                      

Applicant must complete the reinstatement application; pay the non-refundable and submit proof of Board approved continuing education obtained within two years of the date of the Reinstatement Application. Reinstatement is at the sole discretion of the Board.

C.E. Hours Required for Reinstatement of a Lapsed or Revoked License:

Applicants reinstating within the licensure cycle following the expiration or lapse date of the license  and prior to the next expiration date, are required to submit 15 CE Hours, obtained within two years of the date of the reinstatement application, of which no more than 5 may be obtained from an approved online source.

Applicants filing a reinstatement application after the next expiration date following the date the license expired/lapsed are required to submit 30 CE Hours, obtained within two years of the date of the reinstatement application, of which no more than 10 may be obtained from an approved online source.

NONE of the 15 or 30 CE Hours used to reinstate the license can be counted towards the next renewal date after the license is reinstated, you must obtain 10 “new/additional” CE Hours to renew, no matter when the reinstatement is issued.  


 All address changes must be reported to the Board within 10 days after the move according to Rule 420-3-.01. The license number, name as it appears on the license, the old address and the new address is required.

The change of address form is located at the Georgia Board of Dispensing Opticians website under Application/Form Downloads.

Address changes may be submitted by mail or fax 866-888-7127.

When a license is lost or stolen, you must report it to the Board immediately and request an application for a duplicate license. Any time your name changes, you must apply for a duplicate/replacement license and submit a copy of legal documentation showing the change (marriage certificate, divorce decree or court order).

A fee of $25 is required to process the application and issue a new license.

The processing time is approximately 7 to 10 business days.

Complete the online renewal form, or call 478-207-2440 for a form to be mailed to you.  Renew online from via the License Renewals link located on the bottom right of the Licensing homepage . All licenses expire on March 31st of odd numbered years. Check the fee schedule for the current renewal fee.

You must have obtained the required number of Continuing Education hours. See Board Rule 420-9 for specific continuing education requirements.

If you fail to renew by March 31st of the odd numbered year, your license will be administratively revoked and require reinstatement by the Board

ONLY those licensees selected for a random Continuing Education audit need to submit their certificates of attendance or other proof of their CE Hours.

ALL renewing Dispensing Opticians must sign, either electronically (online renewal) or where indicated on the paper renewal form mailed to you if requested, affirmation of having obtained the required CE Hours each renewal cycle.

There is a form on the Board's website, "Application/Form Downloads" link you may use, or you can simply send a written request to the Board. There is a fee of $25 to process each requested verification. Please provide the name and full mailing address of the intended recipient of the verification.



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