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Submit a completed application for licensure by examination,the required fee and all supporting documents as explained in the Board rules and on the application forms available on our board's page. When the application is complete, you will be made eligible to sit for the ILE Exam, the Audiogram Exam (Section 13) and the Laws & Rules Exam (Section 14) (administered by outside vendors). The Evaluation (Section 11) and Ear Mold (Section 12) exams are still administered by the Board in the Macon, Ga offices quarterly.See NOTE below.

If you currently hold a license in another state or jurisdiction, submit an official verification of licensure from every state you hold or have held a license to practice in, active or not.

NOTE: All candidates for Sections 11 & 12 (Evaluation and Ear Mold) of the Practical Examination must provide their own equipment and are required to bring the following to the examination: speech audiometer with the certificate of calibration for the machine, blank audiograms, ear mold impression materials and equipment (including otoscope & ear light), and word list.

If you fail either of the sections 11 or 12, or both, you MUST submit an "Application for Re-Exam" which can be found on the same page as all forms and applications on this same website.

Please refer to the current fee schedule available in the "Application/Form Downloads" section to the right.

Please allow five (5) to ten (10) business days for the administrative staff to process and issue approved licenses for passing exam candidates whose application file is otherwise complete.


A request for a name change for Dispensers ONLY must be submitted in writing by fax to 866-888-7127 or by USPS mail service to the Board at 237 Coliseum Drive, Macon, GA 31217-3858, and MUST be accompanied by a copy (no original documents will be returned) of the legal document affecting the name change (i.e. divorce decree, marriage certificate….).

A request for a name change for a Dealership must be submitted in writing for the Board to consider approval of via USPS mail service to the Board at 237 Coliseum Drive, Macon, GA 31217-3858. A letter of explanation of the reason for the name change, a new application, the non-refundable fee and all supporting documents must be submitted to the Board. The dealership may print a copy of the license indicating the new name, or request one from the Board ($25 fee to accompany written request) of the license once approved by the Board. Approval by the Board MUST be granted before any name change is to take place.


The Board will accept MAILING AND PHYSICAL address changes for DISPENSERS ONLY via by USPS mail service to the Board @ 237 Coliseum Drive, Macon, GA 31217-3858, fax to 866-888-7127, or the online address & e-mail updates feature available under the "Online Services" drop down menu.

PHYSICAL ADDRESS CHANGES FOR DEALERSHIPS cannot be completed online or by fax.  Any physical address change for a dealership requires the submission of a new application; the non-refundable fee and all supporting documents to the Board, 237 Coliseum Drive, Macon, GA 31217-3858 (refer to rule 276-4-.02). A written statement requesting the closure of the prior location is required. A new license will be issued to the new locations dealership once approved by the Board. Online changes to a dealerships physical location address will not be accepted nor recognized by the Board.

Complete the renewal application in the "Application/Form Downloads" section, or request a paper renewal form be mailed to you by calling 478-207-2440. All licenses will expire December 31st of EVERY odd numbered year. See the Fee Schedule on the above referenced website for the current renewal fee.

A Lapsed/Late renewal is available to licensees from January 1st through March 31st of the year following the license expiration date. Through March 31st licensees may renew late, but are NOT TO PRACTICE after January 1st until the license has been renewed. An additional penalty amount is charged for all late renewals (see fee schedule).

After the late renewal period, all non-renewed licenses are administratively lapsed. Once lapsed, the licensee must apply for reinstatement.

A random number of renewing licensees will be selected for a Continuing Education Hours Audit (Dispensers only). Only those Hearing Aid Dispensers randomly selected for Continuing Education audit must submit proof of their continuing education credits. You will receive specific instructions if you are chosen for an audit.

 You will need to submit a request in writing for a verification of license along with your $25.00 fee (money order, cashier’s check, certified check). Please indicate the name as it appears on the license, the full license number and the name/address of where you wish the verification to be sent. The processing time is 10-15 days.

 There is a form on the Board's website, "Application/Form Downloads" link you may use, or you can simply send a written request to the Board. There is a fee of $25 to process each requested verification. Please provide the name and full mailing address of the intended recipient of the verification.


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