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Frequently Asked Questions

PSI is the administrator of the exam. When you are notified of your eligibility to take the exam by PSI, you will be provided with a link to the PSI website to schedule seating for the next available exam in the area of your choice. Exams are given frequently; however, PSI makes its own exam schedule.

Board meeting information may be reviewed online at Board Meeting Dates  .

Yes, you will be notified by PSI of your eligibility to take the exam. Notification typically comes in the form of a postcard from PSI. You will be instructed on the postcard on how to register and schedule your seating for the next exam.

Every licensed embalmer and funeral director must obtain a minimum of 10 hours of continuing education credit during the two-year licensing period. A licensed embalmer or funeral director who became licensed within one year of the expiration date of the initial license is not required to obtain the continuing education hours for the initial license period [Board Rule 250-5-.12   ].

Exemption from the requirement of continuing education applies to a person with an Inactive license and to a person who has reached the age of 65. The Board may also waive the requirement for continuing education for reasons of hardship, disability, or illness. Please refer to Board Rule 250-5-.12   for more detailed information.

You may print your license on our website,,  free of charge, or you may order a duplicate license card from the same site with a $25.00 fee.  Click the button labeled Print Your License to access the log in page to begin the process.

You may download the request form for a Decorative Wall Certificate from our Download Forms page.  

Effective with new establishment applications submitted on or after March 1, 2013, inspections will be generated by board staff upon receipt and review of the application. We will notify our inspector, who will contact you to arrange the inspection. The applicant should not submit the application until the establishment is ready to be inspected.  Please be careful to ensure that your facility meets the criteria established by the Board for facility licensure prior to submitting the application. If the establishment fails the inspection, an additional fee for additional inspection will be required. You may refer to Board Rule 250-6-.06   for criteria for funeral establishment licensure, or Board Rule 250-6-.07  for criteria for crematory establishment licensure.   

FDFCC refers to the Funeral Director in Full & Continuous Charge of a funeral or crematory establishment. The FDFCC is responsible for all activities conducted at the funeral establishment.

The establishment owner must notify the Board within 5 days of the departure of the FDFCC. At that time, the owner may either submit an Application for Change of FDFCC, or submit a written request for a 90-day grace period, according to Board Rule 250-6-.02  . The Board will consider the request for a grace period at the next scheduled meeting and notify the establishment owner in writing if the grace period is approved. If an application for new FDFCC is submitted, the Board office will notify the establishment owner and proposed FDFCC in writing of their appointment to meet with the Board at the next scheduled meeting.

You may serve as an apprentice while attending mortuary school; however, you may only count 20 hours of apprentice work per week while attending school.  The 18 months of apprenticeship must be served in addition to the 18 months of school [see O.C.G.A. § 43-18-50 (c) and Board Rule 250-4-.03 (1)   ].


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