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Frequently Asked Questions

Licensed companies may be verified by accessing our License Verification page. Be sure to click on the tab, “Search for a Licensee,” and choose whether you wish to search for an individual licensee, or a facility or business licensee.

Registered individuals may be verified by clicking the tab labeled Search for a Licensee, and choose Individual Licensee from the menu. 

Please refer to the Fee Schedule for a current listing of the various fees.

Once the Board approves candidates for examination, the approved candidates will be notified by the administrator of the exams, PSI. Candidates who were not approved for the exam will be notified within two weeks after the Board meeting.

PSI administers exams for the Board. Once you are approved by the Board for the appropriate exam, you will be notified in writing by PSI, along with instructions on how to register online for the next exam. PSI maintains their exam schedules, and exams are given frequently. You will have choices of dates and locations.

No, the weapon permit issued by the Probate Court is not a valid permit while a private investigator or security guard is on duty. You must have a weapon permit issued by the Board to carry a weapon while on duty, unless you are an active peace officer working for a licensed private detective or security company.

You may obtain a complete list of active training instructors by clicking the tab labeled Search for a Licensee, and choosing option to search for an Individual Licensee. Choose the Board, License Type, and the Status from the drop-down menus, then click the Search button. You may also purchase a roster of active training instructors by completing the Roster Request Order Form.  The Roster Request Order Form is available by clicking the button labeled Applications/Form Downloads.

Written complaints may be filed online by utilizing our Online Complaint feature on the Board's homepage.  Complaints may also be mailed to the Georgia Board of Private Detective & Security Agencies at 237 Coliseum Drive, Macon, GA  31217.  Keep in mind that if your complaint involves review of supporting documentation, such as written contracts, you will be better served to mail your complaint, rather than submit the online complaint.  Online complaints work best for complaints of unlicensed practice; however, the online complaint feature does not presently provide the capability to upload supporting documentation for Board review.  Complaints are confidential by Georgia law in OCGA § 43-1-2 (k) (4) and OCGA § 43-1-19 (h) (2), and are not subject to the Open Records Act.  


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