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Georgia Board of Psychology

The Georgia State Board of Examiners of Psychologists is a six-member board consisting of five psychologists and one consumer member. Board members are appointed by the Governor to provide consumer protection and public health and welfare through the regulation of the profession. The Board processes licensure applications and receives, investigates and adjudicates complaints issued against licensed psychologists.

Marsha B. Sauls, Ph.D., President
Linda F. Campbell, Ph.D., Vice President
Melton Strozier, Ph.D.
Donald S. Meck, Ph.D.
Bill Doverspike, Jr., Ph.D.
Judy F. Grammer, Consumer Member


                          Notice - RE: Active Renewal-Pending Status

A number of licenses issued by the Georgia Board of Examiners of Psychologists (“Board”) expire as of December 31, 2016. If a licensee has submitted a timely and sufficient renewal application by December 31, 2016, his/her license may be placed on “active-renewal pending” status. 

“Active-renewal pending” status does not mean that the license has lapsed, is inactive, is deficient, or invalid.  Rather, “active-renewal pending” status merely reflects that the licensee has submitted a timely and sufficient renewal application. 

Under O.C.G.A.§50-13-18(b), the license of a licensee who has made a timely and sufficient renewal application does not expire until the Board has reviewed and made a determination on the application, even if the date of that determination is after the expiration date.  A licensee should save the receipt generated after submission of a timely and sufficient application as additional proof of renewal during the period in which the application is reviewed.

Guidelines & General Information for the Oral Exam

GA Jurisprudence Exam Candidate Bulletin

 IMPORTANT-PLEASE READ - New Application process effective 07-01-2014

Verifications of Licensure from other state licensure Boards may be e-mailed to the Georgia Board of Examiners of Psychologists: 


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Atlanta, Georgia 30334
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