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Georgia Board of Nursing

The Professional Licensing Boards Division experienced a major server system malfunction on June 17th that caused an interruption of service through June 25th.  Most system functions have been restored and staff members are addressing the backlog that accumulated as a result of the outages.  Currently, applications are being reviewed within fifteen business days.  The Board is aware of the significant impact that the outages and delays are having on all stakeholders.  We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this continues to cause. (Updated July 18, 2014)

Online Application for New Graduates

Graduates of Georgia nursing education programs may view detailed instructions regarding the online application process and access the online application for licensure by examination by clicking here.

The Georgian Nurse

The Georgia Board of Nursing is pleased to announce the publication of a quarterly magazine for nurses in Georgia.  The Georgian Nurse is published by the Board and provides information regarding education, licensure, practice and discipline issues.  Copies of The Georgian Nurse are mailed to every healthcare facility in Georgia and electronic copies are emailed to every licensee with an active email address on file with the Board.  To view the most recent edition of The Georgian Nurse click here.


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