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Continuing Competency Requirements

Are you a registered nurse whose license expires January 31, 2017 or  licensed practical nurse whose license expires March 31, 2017?  Have you completed one of the required continuing competency options required by Georgia law?  Detailed information regarding the continuing competency requirements for registered nurses and licensed practical nurses is available here.

If you have reviewed the continuing competency requirements and still have questions take time to review the frequently asked questions available here.

Online Application for New Graduates

Graduates of Georgia nursing education programs may view detailed instructions regarding the online application process and access the online application for licensure by examination by clicking here.

APRNs in VA Facilities

Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (“APRN”) are an integral part of the health care delivery system in the United States.  The Georgia Board of Nursing (“Board”) recognizes the contributions that these practitioners make and understands the challenges that APRNs may face when attempting to comply with state and federal laws as well as facility regulations.  Click here for more information regarding APRNs practicing in Veterans Administration facilities.


E-Notify is now available in Georgia!  Nursys E-Notify is a free and innovative nurse licensure notification system that allows you to receive real-time email notifications about nurses that you employ.  The system provides publicly available discipline data directly to you automatically as the data is entered into the Nursys database without you needing to proactively seek the information.  Click here for more information!


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