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How to Report

Self Reporting

  • The Georgia Board of Nursing is charged to protect the health, safety and welfare of the general public and licensed professionals through early recognition and intervention for nurses who may abuse drugs/alcohol or be chemically dependent.  To that end, this packet is available for nurses who have: 
1) Tested positive on a drug screen for any drug contained in Schedule I through VI of the Controlled Substances Act and/or any drug for which you cannot provide a legitimate prescription;

2) Been the subject of a substance abuse intervention based on abuse of any drug with or without a legitimate prescription; and/or

3) Recognized that you have become chemically dependent or engaged in abuse of drugs/alcohol

Please download the self report packet, review and follow all instructions and submit your information to the Board.

Self Report Packet

Reporting a Nurse

  • Any person who has reasonable cause to suspect misconduct or incapacity of a licensee or who has reasonable cause to suspect the person is in violation of the Nurse Practice Act should report relevant facts to the Board.  Please click on the following links to view the Nurse Practice Act and applicable Board rules:
Nurse Practice Act 

Board Rules 

The Board has no regulatory authority over employment issues, rudeness to peers, co-worker disputes, personality conflicts, absenteeism, tardiness, refusal of assignment or labor management disputes such as work schedules/wages and termination.

Please use the following link to submit an online complaint:

Online Complaint Form 


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