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Online Application Process Instructions

 Please use the following instructions to ensure that your application for licensure by examination is processed as efficiently as possible:

1)  Please register and have your fingerprints scanned with COGENT Systems (Criminal Background Check) at least forty-eight hours prior to applying for licensure.  This ensures that criminal history results are available when the application is processed.  Please click here for detailed instructions for registration with COGENT Systems. 

2)  Please register with Pearson Vue at least forty-eight hours prior to applying for licensure.  This ensures that NCLEX registration information is available when the application is processed.  Applicants should register using their legal name as documented on the form of identification that will be presented for entrance to the testing center.

3)  Please carefully read the question regarding previous arrests.  The question specifically asks if you have ever been arrested.  It is important for you to answer “yes” to this question if you have previously been arrested.  Applicants should answer “yes” even if the charges were dismissed, expunged, reduced, etc.  Falsifying this question (whether intentionally or not) will result in increased processing time and may result in a Board order and fine.

4)  Please include an accurate email address with your application.  This is the primary means of communication for the Board.  Additionally, it is important for applicants/licensees to update their email address with the Board just as they would update their physical and mailing addresses.

5)  Please use the same name when applying for licensure and registering with Pearson Vue.  Please ensure that the your nursing education program submits your graduation information using the name included on your application.  Processing delays occur when application, registration and graduation information are not consistent.  

6)  Please include your date of birth when completing the online application.  This information is used in conjunction with your last name to match proof of graduation with the appropriate application.

7)  Recent changes to Georgia law require all applicants to submit secure and verifiable documentation regarding United States citizenship (U.S. Passport, driver’s license or qualified alien documentation) as well as an affidavit of citizenship.  This information may be faxed to 877-371-5712 or emailed to  Please do not submit multiple copies of individual documents. 

8) Download and complete the GBON Criminal Background Check Release Form and submit that form by fax to 877-371-5712 or by email to  Please do not submit multiple copies of individual documents.

9)  Graduates of Georgia nursing education programs are not required to send a paper copy of their official transcript.  This information is provided electronically by your nursing education program. 

Once you have completed the above steps you may submit your online application for licensure by examination.


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