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Georgia Board of Athletic Trainers

The Georgia Board of Athletic Trainers is a four-member board consisting of two athletic trainers, a practicing physician and one consumer member. The members are appointed by the Governor to provide consumer protection and public health and welfare through the regulation of the profession. The Board processes licensure applications and receives, investigates and adjudicates complaints issued against licensed athletic trainers.

LAPSED-LATE RENEWAL PERIOD!                                                              

If you did not renew your license prior to July 31, 2014, your license has entered a lapse-late renewal status and you may not continue to practice in the state of Georgia.  BUT WAIT! IT IS NOT TOO LATE TO RENEW!  GO ONLINE AND RENEW BEFORE SEPTEMBER 30, 2014!  

You may still apply to renew your license; however, the renewal fee will include a penalty surcharge for late renewal.  Simply complete the renewal application and submit it along with the lapsed-late renewal fee, a secure and verifiable document, a notarized affidavit of citizenship as well as any other supporting documentation that may be required.  Once the late renewal period has begun, all required documentation must be received in the board office prior to the close of business on September 30, 2014 in order for the application to be considered as complete.  Should the application and supporting documents not be submitted by the date indicated, the renewal fee is forfeited and the license will lapse and no longer be eligible for renewal.  Applicants will then be required to apply for licensure by reinstatement which requires a reinstatement application and an additional fee.


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