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Georgia Auctioneers Commission

The Georgia Auctioneers Commission consists of six members who are appointed by the Governor. Five of the members are licensed auctioneers and one member is a consumer member with no connection to the practice or profession of auctioneering. The Commission meets at least 8 times a year at the Secretary of State’s office in Macon and meetings are open to the public. Persons wishing to bring matters for the Commission’s consideration should submit written notification or request to the Professional Licensing Board office in Macon.

The Commission has the authority to regulate the issuance of licenses, to revoke or suspend licenses issued and to censure licenses for any violation of the law. Any person desiring to act as an auctioneer and/or operate an auction company must first meet the requirements of the law and rules and be licensed with the Commission.

The law provides for a full time inspector with full inspection rights and privileges regarding all auctions conducted in the state.

THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE! Long-time Board Member Norman Echols retired from the Auctioneer Commission at the end of 2015. We extend sincere appreciation for his many years of service.  Pictured below: Board Member Bo Benton, Mr. Echols, Board Member Charlie Gay.


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