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Thinking of attending an Auctioneer School? 

The Commission reminds applicants that you must have graduated from a Commission-approved school in order to be considered for licensure as an auctioneer. This is in the law - O.C.G.A. 43-6-11 (d).  Check the SOS Website to verify that the school has an ACTIVE license, which means they are a Georgia Auctioneer Commission-approved school.    Click here to search for approved schools:  SCHOOLS   

  • The Georgia Auctioneers Commission consists of 6 members who are appointed by the Governor - 5 are licensed auctioneers and 1 is a consumer member with no connection to the practice or profession of auctioneering. 
  • The Commission meets at the Secretary of State’s office in Macon. The public may attend the Open Session portion of the meetings. 
  • Persons wishing to bring matters for the Commission’s consideration should submit a written request to the Professional Licensing Board, 237 Coliseum Dr., Macon, GA 31217.
  • The Commission has the authority to regulate the issuance of licenses, to revoke or suspend licenses issued and to censure licenses for any violation of the law. 
  • Any person desiring to act as an auctioneer and/or operate an auction company and/or operate an auction school must meet the requirements of the law and rules and be licensed with the Commission.


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