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GA Auctioneers Commission

237 Coliseum Drive

Macon, GA  31217

Phone: 478.207.2440

Fax: 866.888.8026.

You may email the Executive Director of the Commission directly from our website.

The list of current members of the Commission may be reviewed on our website under the Members & Staff section.

Charles F. Gay, Chair

Roy Cates, Sr.

Larry "Bo" Benton, Jr.

Rossie Ross

Stephen Burton

Kim Hagen

The meeting schedule of the Commission is posted on our website.  Check this site often, even up to 24 hours in advance of a meeting, to ensure that a meeting has not been cancelled or postponed. 

Minutes of the Commission may be reviewed on our board website under Quick Links and Board & Exam Information. Minutes are made available online after they are approved by the Commission.  

Some meetings of the Commission are made available via video on the website. Find our Quick Links section on the right of the screen and click the link labeled Board Meeting: Videos to view the open session portion of a meeting. Not all meetings are available on video.

The Rules and Regulations for the Auction Commission can be viewed here, and select Department 55. Georgia Auctioneers Commission.

The Official Code of Georgia - Title 43. Professions and Businesses. Chapter 6. Auctioneers - can be viewed here. 

  • For initial licensure, you must submit a paper application. You'll find the application here:   Auctioneer License 
  • Only renewals can be submitted online. 

Complete information about secure and verifiable documents may be reviewed from our the Licensing Division homepage. Find the section on the right of the screen labeled Quick Links, and click the link labeled Secure and Verifiable Documents.

You may also wish to click the link labeled Affidavit of Citizenship to read information concerning this companion requirement.

The secure and verifiable document requirement and the affidavit of citizenship were passed into Georgia law for all applicants for licensure and applicants for renewal of a current license on January 1, 2012. 

No. Auction Company License Applications cannot be submitted online at this time. They must be submitted via paper application, found here: Auction Company License Application 

Applicants for auctioneer license must be at least 18 years of age, must have a high school diploma from an accredited high school or GED certificate, and must have graduated from an auctioneer school approved by the Commission.  (Before attending the school, make sure they are a Georgia-approved school. This can be verified through our website.)

Upon receipt of a completed application, which includes the application fee and fee for the Auctioneer Recovery Fund, the applicant will be made eligible for the Georgia Auctioneer Laws & Rules Exam, which is administered by PSI.  PSI will contact the applicant by mail to inform of the eligibility and to provide information on how to register online for the exam.

Yes, a Georgia Auctioneer Laws & Rules Exam is required.  The exam is administered by PSI, and registration and exam fee is made to PSI when the applicant receives notice of eligibility by PSI.

Once the completed auctioneer application is received and reviewed by Professional Licensing Boards Division staff and determined complete and in order, the applicant will be made eligible for the exam.  PSI will notify the application by mail of eligibility and inform the applicant how to register with PSI online for the next available exam.  Exams are given by PSI several times per year in various locations.

Briefly, the auctioneer license application fee is $200.00, plus $150.00 for the Auctioneer Recovery Fund.

The auctioneer company license application fee is $200.00, plus $150.00 for the Auctioneer Recovery Fund.

The auctioneer school license application fee is $195.00.

There are other fees such as Renewal Fees, Late Renewal Fees, and Reinstatement Fees.

Refer to the Fee Schedule for a current listing of the various fees.

The Auctioneers Education, Research, and Recovery Fund was established to provide for any person who is harmed by the conduct, representation, or transaction of a licensed auctioneer or auction company which is found to be in violation of the auctioneer law and rules, to file for recovery of actual or compensatory damages. 

In order to file a claim against the Recovery Fund, a judgment must be made by a court of competent jurisdiction in favor of the claimant.  Once the judgment is made and all other efforts to recover awarded damages are exhausted, the judge must order the Commission to pay up to $10,000 of the unrecovered damages to the claimant.  

More information about the Recovery Fund and the procedure for filing claims may be obtained from O.C.G.A. § 43-6-22.1, which can be viewed on our board website under the tab entitled Laws, Policies, and Rules. 

All auctioneer, auction company, and auction school licenses expire on February 28, of the even-numbered year.

On-time Renewal (by Feb. 28 of even numbered years) - Licenses for auctioneers and auction companies may be renewed online through our website by clicking on the button labeled License Renewals to begin the process.

Late Renewal - (between March 1 & May 31st of even numbered years) -  Licenses may be renewed by paying the renewal fee plus a late renewal penalty during this period; however, after February 28 of the even-numbered year, the license is lapsed, and the licensee can no longer legally practice until the license is renewed.

Reinstatement - After May 31st of even number years, licenses that have not renewed will be lapsed and Reinstatement of the license will be required. The reinstatement fee is $400.00 and will require submission of an application along with supporting documents required of the application process. Reinstatement applicants must take the exam for reinstatement.

Auctioneer License - Yes, the Commission requires 8 hours of continuing education to be obtained in the previous two years in order to renew an auctioneer license.  All continuing education hours must be completed by February 28 of the even-numbered year.

Auction Company - No. If the auction company owner is not a licensed auctioneer, then no continuing education is required of the owner. However, continuing education is always recommended, even when not required. 

Visit the Rules website to review the rules regarding continuing education.

Make sure the auction school is an approved provider in the state of Georgia. This is done through a license search, and the status of approved schools will show "ACTIVE".

Yes, all reinstatement applicants must take the exam for reinstatement.

An applicant may qualify for an exemption from the requirement of obtaining an auction company license if the applicant is both the owner of the business and a licensed auctioneer, or if the business employs a full-time licensed auctioneer who agrees to supervise the operations of the business. 

To obtain an exemption from company licensure, complete and submit the Exempt Company Application. The application may be downloaded from our website by clicking the button entitled Application/Form Downloads.  

Auctioneers and auction companies are required to maintain an escrow account, which is a separate bank account used to deposit all auction proceeds until such time that the proceeds are disbursed to the appropriate parties.  

Auctioneers and auction companies are prohibited from co-mingling money belonging to others with the auctioneer's personal accounts or with the general operating account for the auction company. Therefore, an escrow account in which auction proceeds/funds are kept is required and must be maintained. 

The minimum balance required to maintain the account is under the authority of the particular bank or financial institution the auctioneer or company uses.

You must notify the board office of any change of Name and/or Location.

You must notify the board office of a change in license holder / designee.

All proceeds from an auction are required to be deposited in the escrow account, unless proceeds are disbursed within 24 hours of the close of the auction.

The Commission is authorized to reciprocate licensure with other states that have licensing laws that are substantially similar to the Commission’s law.  

When considering applying for reciprocity, the applicant should review the law of the GA Auctioneers Commission and the law of the state(s) in which the applicant is licensed to ensure that the requirements for licensure are substantially similar.  

The Commission does not reciprocate with states that do not have state licensure requirements.  States that only have local licensure requirements are not eligible for reciprocity.

Complete and submit the Auctioneer Application on our website  by clicking the button entitled Application/Form Downloads.  On the application, choose the box for reciprocity.  Be sure to obtain and submit official letters of certification of licensure from each state in which an auction license is active.

Before making a request for a letter of certification, verify that a letter is needed. Many states now accept the Licensure Status information available on our website as proof of certification.

If you find that a written letter is needed, submit a written request for a letter of certification, along with a payment of $25.00. 

If you wish for the letter to be mailed to another state, provide the mailing information for that state and we will send the letter directly to the state. 

If you wish for a letter to be sent to multiple locations, you must provide that information and submit a check for $25.00 for each letter requested. 

To print your license free of charge, click here: website, then log in, and follow the prompts. The license is acceptable as proof of licensure. 

To obtain the standard license on blue card paper, you may order the license from the same webpage and submit payment of $25.00 by credit card - or - submit the request by letter, mailed along with $25.00 check payment, to:

Auctioneer Commission

Attn: Blue Card License

237 Colisuem Dr.

Macon, Ga 31217

Yes, a licensed auctioneer must also be licensed with the Georgia Real Estate Commission in order to auction real property.

Georgia companies that operate penny auction sites are required to be licensed with the Georgia Auctioneers Commission.  Please review the notice from the Governor's Office of Consumer Protection regarding Penny Auction Website licensure requirements.

You can find a list of approved auction schools on at:

  • Select Auctioneer Commission from the Profession drop down menu, and then select Auction Schools. Click Search to populate a list of schools.
  • NOTE: Approved schools will have a status of "ACTIVE" beside their name. Those with a "Lapsed" status are not currently approved as a Georgia provider. 
  • A roster may also be purchased by completing the Roster Request Order Form available on our website  - found under the Application/Form Downloads tab.


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