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Frequently Asked Questions

One can electronically file a securities-related complaint under the "Submit a Complaint" tab found on the Securities Division's home page.

Please fill out the public compliant form in detail and click the "Submit Complaint" button.

The Georgia Uniform Securities Act is located under Title 10, Chapter 5 of the Official Code of Georgia.

The Georgia Securities Rules are located in Chapter 510-4-1 through 6. 

Additionally, they can be found under the Securities Tab on the GA Securities Act, Rules, and Order page.

To locate a Secretary of State Securities Division Order follow the below steps:

  • Go to the following site;
  • Select “Securities” from the Profession drop down box.
  • Enter the date range you wish to search.
  • Click the “Go” button to start your search.

A result box with matching enforcement orders, listed by Respondent’s name, will appear below.

Simply click the name of the order you wish you wish to view, and a PDF of the order will be generated.

One can also search by Person or Company Name. To do this, simply select “Person or Company Name” from the Selection Criteria box, enter the desired name, and click the "Go" button.

The Georgia Securities Division can be contacted at:

Office of the Secretary of State-Securities Division
2 MLK Jr. Drive, S.E.
Suite 313, West Tower
Atlanta, Georgia 30334

Questions or Comments:

  • Send electronic questions and/or comments through the following link.

Securities-Related Complaints:

  • Send electronic complaints through the following link.


214 State Capitol
Atlanta, Georgia 30334
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