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GA Securities Act, Rules and Implementation Orders

The Georgia Uniform Securities Act became effective on July 1, 2009.  It is based on a model act promulgated by the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws and is administered by the Georgia Securities Commissioner.  Georgia was the 15th state to adopt a securities regulation regime based on this model act.  The Act is divided into seven articles that are augmented by the rules and orders promulgated by the Georgia Securities Commissioner.    

The Georgia Uniform Securities Act:

The Securities Act is found under Title 10, Chapter 5 of the Official Code of Georgia.

Rules promulgated pursuant to the Act:

Rules are enacted by the Georgia Securities Commissioner and are currently maintained by the Georgia Archives.

Implementation Orders promulgated pursuant to the Act:

Implementation Orders are issued by the Georgia Securities Commissioner and are maintained by the Securities Division. Please note that all Implementation Orders prior to Implementation Order 2011-04, dated December 8, 2011, have been vacated.

  Waiver/Variance Request promulgated pursuant to the Act:


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