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Georgians feel generous during the holidays and want to help those in need.  It's also time when taxpayers make contributions by December 31 to qualify for tax deductions. If you are considering making end-of-the year donations to charitable organization, this video will give you tips to follow:

Each Paid Solicitor and Solicitor Agent registered pursuant to Title 43, Chapter 17 of the Official Code of Georgia, annotated is required to renew its registration with the Secretary of State each year.

Registration for PAID SOLICITORS and SOLICITOR AGENTS expires automatically December 31st unless renewed

Renewal notices for both will be issued beginning October 25, 2016.  Renewal notices will be mailed to active paid solicitors. 

Paid Solicitors are asked to review all renewal statements for their solicitor agents and submit renewal documents and fees. 

Renewal Fees:

Paid Solicitor Agent is $100.00

Solicitor Agent is $50.00

Note to Paid Solicitors:  If the Solicitor Agent is no longer affiliated or will not renew with your entity, please submit the termination form that can be found on our website at

The DEADLINE for receipt of renewal documents and payments is December 31, 2016. Failure to renew by December 31st will expire the registration on January 1, 2017. 

Accordingly, if a Paid Solicitor or Solicitor Agent is actively conducting business in the State of Georgia without an active registration, they will be in violation of the Georgia Charitable Solicitations Act of 1988 and, therefore, subject to civil and administrative penalities.

If you did not receive Renewal Notice by November 8th, please email us at


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