The file document upload system is limited only to the following type of securities offerings:

1. Registration by Coordination (O.C.G.A  10-5-22)
2. Registration by Qualification (O.C.G.A  10-5-23)
3. Not-for-Profit Securities Registration (O.C.G.A  10-5-10(7), Rule 590-4-2-.07)
4. Regulation A+ Tier 1 Offerings (O.C.G.A  10-5-23)
5. Regulation A+ Tier 2 Offerings
6. Invest Georgia Exemption Filing (Rule 590-4-2-.08)

Please follow these instructions to complete your filing:

1. Enter name of the Issuer.
2. Select the type of offering for which you are submitting documents.
3. Upload the document(s) and submit.
4. Crtl + Click to choose multiple files.
If you need assistance, please contact Jason Robinson at

If your filing does not qualify as one of these listed offering types,
your submission will be returned to you and marked as incomplete/ineligible for online filing.

Thank you for helping us go green!