Apply for a Land Surveyor License

How to Apply

If you would like to apply as a Land Surveyor it is required that you file with the Secretary of State and renew every 2 years. Review the requirements and the step-by-step guide below.

  • Licensure requires completing an application, getting it signed and notarized, and paying the required fee.   
  • See specific instructions for application depending on license and application type. 
  • You must submit all the required documentation and fees in order to be considered for licensure. 
  • Renewal is completed online and is required by December 31 of even numbered years. Late renewal period is four years following license expiration. 

Select your application type to view instructions on how to apply: 

Land Surveyor Licensure by Exam

Land Surveyor Licensure by Comity

Land Surveyor In Training Checklist

Land Surveyor Firm Checklist

Land Surveyor Reactivation

Land Surveyor Reinstatement

Land Surveyor Renewal

After you Apply – What to Expect

  • Processing Time – Applications are generally processed within 20 business days of receipt, excluding weekends and holidays. Applications are individually evaluated by the Board in order of date received, and processing times can vary based on individual circumstances and volume. 
    • If you receive a deficiency letter, your 20 day count restarts when the Board receives your correct and complete documentation.
    • Please Note – Incomplete applications may be withdrawn if noted deficiencies are not satisfied within 60 days of said notification. If your application is withdrawn, you will be required to restart the application process to be considered for licensure, to include submission of all required documents and fees. 
    • Completed applications will be initially reviewed by Board staff and may be reviewed by the Board at an upcoming Board Meeting. Applications must be complete and received at least 15 days prior to a Board Meeting to be added to that meeting’s agenda. Otherwise, the application will be reviewed at the next Board meeting.
  • Check Application Status >>
  • Keep Your Contact Info Up to Date
    • Be sure the email address you include for yourself on your application is correct and current. Email is the primary means of communication for the Board.  
    • Additionally, it is important for applicants/licensees to update their email address with the Board just as they would update their physical and mailing addresses.
  • Wait For It
    • You may not legally perform services until you hold an active license.

Disability Accommodations

In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA Public Law 101-336), the Professional Licensing Boards Division provides for reasonable accommodations by designated vendors for exam candidates with disabilities that may interfere with their performance on a Licensure Examination.  

Applicants may request an accommodation under the American with Disabilities Act by submitting an application and all supporting documentation to the respective Board and/or a designated vendor as instructed on this form >>


Professional Engineer Application by Comity


Professional Land Surveyor Application by Comity


Engineer in Training (Fundamentals of Engineering) exam


Professional Engineer (Principles and Practice of Engineering) by Exam


Joint application (EIT/FE and PE) exam


Land Surveyor In Training(Fundamentals of Land Surveying) exam


Professional Land Surveyor (Principles and Practice of Land Surveying). State-specific (Legal Aspects of Surveying), (and/or Hydrology) exam


Land Surveyor Reinstatement Application


Land Surveyor Reinstatement (when approved)




Processing Fees - Effective 3/15/2022

  • Online processing fee: $5.00
  • Mail-In processing fee: $10.00

Land Surveyor Licensure by Exam

If you have never been licensed before and have completed the requirements including passing your exam, apply for Licensure by Examination.  

Land Surveyor Licensure by Comity

If you have a current license in another state, and would like to pursue licensure in Georgia, apply for Licensure by Comity.

Land Surveyor In Training Checklist

Apply to take the Fundamentals of Surveying exam to become a Land Surveyor In Training. 

Land Surveyor Firm Checklist

Land Surveying Firms require a certificate of authorization to practice in the State of Georgia. 

Land Surveyor Reactivation

If you have previously held an inactive status and would like to reactivate your license, apply for reactivation. 

Land Surveyor Reinstatement

If you have previously held this license and it has been expired for more than four years, and you did not maintain licensure in another jurisdiction, you must re-take the exam and upon passing the exam, submit a reinstatement application and fee.  

Land Surveyor Renewal

If you have previously held this license and need to renew in order to keep your license up to date, apply for licensure renewal before December 31 of even-numbered years to avoid late fees. Late renewal period is four years following license expiration. 

How to File

To file online:

Once your checklist is completed, please create an account and upload all documents through the online portal.

To file by mail: 

Once your checklist is completed, please mail all documents to: 

Georgia Board of Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors 
237 Coliseum Drive 
Macon, Georgia 31217


Group 20

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