Job Posting: HC-III Licensing Supervisor

HC-III Licensing Supervisor

Location: Professional Licensing Boards Division, 237 Coliseum Dr, Macon, GA 31217

Pay Grade: M

This position is open to current Secretary of State employees and external applicants.

Posting Date:
May 17, 2022
Application Deadline:
PLB Board Offices
Job Code(s):
Executive Director
Revision Date:
May17, 2022


Under limited supervision, the Health Care III Licensing Supervisor manages all aspects of the processing and evaluation of applications and registration for licensing boards.


  • Maintains established procedures to evaluate applications for examination and licensure in accordance with Board laws, rules & policies.
  • Evaluates applications to determine that all criteria have been met in accordance with Board laws, rules & policies.
  • Ensures compliance with applicable laws, rules, and board policies in determining eligibility for licensure.
  • Provides professional level support directly to licensing boards.
  • Supervises support staff.
  • Notifies applicant of outstanding items within 7 working days of review of application.
  • Documents outstanding items in MLO. 
  • Schedules applicants for examinations in adherence with exam section guidelines.
  • Communicates effectively with exam section staff and exam vendors. 
  • Processes score reports within 7 working days of receipt. 
  • Mails proper documentation to individuals requiring re-examination.  
  • Processes all complete application files and issues licenses for those individuals who meet the licensure criteria within 7 days of receipt of a complete file.
  • Accurately communicates requirements for licensure, examinations and document requirements.
  • Provides list of administratively licensed individuals for Board approval at each Board meeting. 
  • Advises Executive Director concerning pertinent information (workload, procedural changes)
  • Suggests needed changes to improve the effectiveness of the application process.
  • Revises licensure applications and applicant information sheets both on paper and via the internet.
  • Demonstrates accuracy, proficiency and timeliness in information technology available for use including MLO, SAVE, and Microsoft Outlook. 
  • Demonstrates consistent use of appropriate technology in daily processing activities.
  • Supervises employees in the section in the Licensing Analyst job class to include preparing the performance plan, coaching and counseling performance, and executing the evaluation.
  • Works with Executive Director to develop renewal applications for approval by Legal Services and Division Director.
  • Processes problem renewals returned from the Renewals Section.
  • Advises licensees and other individuals or groups concerning licensing, laws, rules, regulations and policies.
  • Evaluates applications, records, and documents in order to determine license or examination eligibility.
  • Issues or reviews licenses.
  • Reviews and ensures compliance with applicable laws, rules and policies
  • Prepares correspondence informing applicants of deficiencies, examination eligibility, licensing decisions, and appeals processes.
  • Serves as job expert or organization resource in assigned areas.
  • Improves quantity and quality of work performed and provides training and development opportunities as appropriate.
  • Opens complaints and refers to the appropriate entity. 
  • Reviews complaints, investigative reports, mental physical examinations, and other complaint and investigative related documents. 
  • Prepares cases, summaries, and recommendations for board and investigative committee meetings. 
  • Creates routine reports for the executive director 
  • Solicits feedback from complaint/compliance analysts to identify processing difficulties.  Communicates best practices to discipline staff. 
  • Works with other boards of nursing and the Nurse Licensure Compact Commission to refine and streamline processes to comply with the Nurse Licensure Compact statute. 
  • Testifies in Office of State Administrative Hearings (OSAH) in Atlanta as needed.
  • Performs other related duties as assigned.



  • Knowledge of area specific tests.
  • Knowledge of all applicable testing methods.
  • Knowledge of applicable laws, rules and regulations that affect area specific licenses.
  • Knowledge of area specific licensing requirements.
  • Analytical skills.
  • Customer service skills.
  • Knowledge of relevant policies and procedures.
  • Knowledge of reciprocity guidelines.
  • Ability to stay abreast of changes in the law.
  • Ability to interpret rules, regulation, policies and guidelines.
  • Ability to apply compliance standards in reviewing applications.
  • Ability to identify and apply the necessary standards needed for licensing decisions and appeals.
  • Knowledge of the appeals process and procedures.
  • Ability to communicate both orally and in writing.
  • Knowledge of all appropriate governing agencies.
  • Ability to ensure all licensing standards are upheld by establishment.
  • Ability to serve as a subject matter expert to unit.


  • Defines goals and/or required results at beginning of performance period and gains acceptance of ideas by creating a shared vision.
  • Communicates regularly with staff on progress toward defined goals and/or required results, providing specific feedback and initiating corrective action when defined goals and/or required results are not met.
  • Evaluates employees at scheduled intervals, obtains and considers all relevant information in evaluations, and supports staff by giving praise and constructive criticism.
  • Directs staff to improve quantity and quality of work performed and provides training and development opportunities as appropriate.

Bachelor's degree in a related field and one (1) year of related experience or Associate degree in a related field and two (2) years of related experience or High school diploma or GED with three (3) years of related experience pertaining to interpreting and applying licensing laws, rules, and policies and application processing.

In addition to above, Bachelor's degree in Nursing or a related field and one (1) year of related experience, and one (1) year of supervisory experience pertaining to employee goal setting and quality/process improvement.

Interested In Applying?

Applicants may send one State of Georgia Application and/or their resume to: 
[email protected]


Secretary of State/Human Resources Office
2 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, S.E.
Suite 820, Floyd West Tower
Atlanta, GA 30334

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The State of Georgia is an Equal Opportunity Employer.



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