Georgia Voters Show Up in Force During Second Weekend of Early Voting

October 31st, 2022

(Atlanta) – Georgia voters continued showing high turnout over the last weekend of Early Voting. As of Monday morning, Georgia continues to break records with 1,505,447 voters casting their ballot during Early Voting, with 115,819 showing up to the polls throughout the weekend. Georgia has had record Early Voting turnout since the first day of Early Voting this year, surging to nearly twice the number on the first day of Early Voting in 2018.

“We encourage every eligible voter to get their ballot in this week. Most counties have multiple early voting locations open to serve the demand," said Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger. “It doesn’t matter when you cast your vote, it only matters that you do cast your vote. Take advantage of the flexibility offered during the last week of Early Voting.”

Voters have begun to return Absentee (mail) ballots at a higher pace, and as of Monday morning, 155,104 ballots have been returned to county election offices. Only 1,054 ballots have been rejected statewide, and those voters receive cure notices explaining how they can cure any discrepancy. Rejected ballots represent .06% of votes cast.

No substantial delays were reported yesterday. Early Voting turnout is expected to increase during the last week of Early Voting. To find Early Voting locations and hours in your county, visit the Secretary of State’s My Voter Page.

Turnout Numbers Through 10/31/2022:

Total Turnout: 1,660,551
Early In-Person: 1,505,447
Absentee: 155,104

Weekend Turnout: 121,687
Early In-Person Since Previous Day: 115,819
Absentee Since Previous Day: 5,868

Note: turnout statistics are reconciled throughout the day and daily updates will not always reflect reported totals from previous day.

Turnout Through Same Day in 2020:

Early In-Person: 1,808,706

Turnout Through Same Day in 2018:

Early In-Person: 1,053,531

More information can be found on the Secretary of State’s Data Hub: Data Hub - 2022 General Election | Georgia Secretary of State (