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The Charities division enforces the laws regulating charitable organizations, paid solicitors, and solicitor agents.
  • Be Informed When Donating Online

    When donating online, be sure you know how your money gets to the charity you’re supporting, how much of it gets there, and when.

    Online Giving Donor and Consumer Guide
  • Learn About Charity Giving Tips

    Before making charitable contributions, please keep these charity giving tips in mind and watch out for red flags.

    More About Charity Giving Tips

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Podcast: Protecting Your Nonprofit From Scam

 In partnership with Pro Bono Partnership of Atlanta, the Georgia Secretary of State and the Federal Trade Commission share tips to charities on how they can protect their organizations from becoming a fraud victim.

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  • Inside the FBI Podcast: Charity Scams

    On this episode of Inside the FBI, learn how charity fraud scams work, how to avoid being conned, and how to report suspected incidents.

  • 10 Charity Giving Tips

    You want your donations to count, so it’s important to do some research before giving to a charity. Here are 10 giving tips to learn more about a charity and avoid donating to a scam.

  • Red Flags of Common Charity Scams

    Charity fraud scams come in many forms. This “Give Smart” game show covers top red flags in common charity scams and provides ways to give smart and confidently.

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