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Stop Veteran Charity Scams

Donate With Honor

The breadth of the illegality alleged in Operation Donate with Honor cases is striking. Some operators claimed to be collecting for homeless or disabled vets and then simply kept the cash. Others spent the lion’s share on their own salaries and to hire for-profit fundraisers. In another example, “charities” claimed to raise funds to send care packages or phone cards to deployed troops only to spend pennies for that purpose. The defendants duped donors in a variety of ways, including misleading door-to-door campaigns and solicitations outside stores, bogus raffles, deceptive direct mail, illegal telemarketing, and false statements on websites.

On this episode of Inside the FBI, learn how charity fraud scams work, how to avoid being conned, and how to report suspected incidents (4m 25s):


Check out @FTC’s new video on how veteran charity scams work and how to avoid them (1m 30s):


Check out this PSA on stopping veteran charity scams (30s):

Spot and Avoid Fake Charities

Many legitimate charities support service members and their families, but some will spend nearly all of your donation on fees and administration. Other organizations are outright scams. Just because it has an official-sounding name and official-looking website, shows people in military uniform, or uses the logo of a military branch doesn’t mean it’s a legitimate charity. But how can you tell? Follow these tips before you donate.

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