Raffensperger Honored by Inclusion in Russian Ban

May 20th, 2023

Atlanta – Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger today thanked Russia’s autocratic regime for including him in its ban of 500 Americans that singles out those who have spread "Russophobia" or aided Ukraine.

“While I was previously unaware of my anti-Russian activities, I accept the verdict of Russia, whose commitment to truth, justice and the rule of law speaks for itself,” said Raffensperger. “I can see where my commitment to free, fair and accurate elections, my tendency to speak truth to power and strong stance against war crimes would offend President Putin’s sensibilities. I accept that I’m not their cup of Russian tea.”

“My inclusion on this list is deserved, and I appreciate them thinking of me.”

Raffensperger added that he had no plans or intentions of going to Russia anyway.



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