Raffensperger Releases Giving Guide for Christmas

December 13th, 2021

(Atlanta) – Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, in partnership with the National Association of Secretaries of State, the National Association of Attorneys General, and the National Association of State Charity Officials, is releasing a guide for Georgians to give wisely and safely to charity during the Christmas season.

“The Christmas season is a time for giving to charity and sharing with those less fortunate,” said Raffensperger. “I encourage the people of Georgia to give wisely. Do some research before you give to make sure your donation is going to a good cause.”

The “Online Giving Donor & Consumer Guide,” linked below, provides important advice for Georgians looking to donate to charity in the coming weeks or at any time of the year. The guide goes through some of the most important tips for giving online including how to give safely, how giving online could impact a donation, and how to make sure the charity of choice gets the most out of a donation.

The guide provides valuable insight into donating through charitable giving platforms and how giving through a charitable platform could impact the giving process. In particular, Georgians should be aware that giving through a giving platform rather than directly to the charity of choice could mean extra fees or that the money they have donated goes to a third-party before reaching the charity they intended.

Georgians should make sure to do their research on both the intended recipient of their charitable donation and the platform they are using to donate if they are not giving directly to the charity itself.

Georgians can access the quick and easy giving guide here