Raffensperger: Sample Ballots Now Available on My Voter Page

September 22nd, 2022

Atlanta – Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger is pleased to announce that voters in all 159 Georgia counties can now view their sample ballots on My Voter Page (MVP). This rollout features a newer, user-friendly experience for the 2022 General Election. The sample ballot is designed to replicate the display of a ballot marking device, as most Georgia voters will be taking advantage of at least 17 days of in-person voting, or voting at their precinct on election day. Once a voter logs in to My Voter Page, they will see the option “VIEW SAMPLE BALLOT” under their address information.

“Our job is to ensure that Georgia voters have the information they need to successfully cast a ballot,” said Secretary Raffensperger. “Our Elections Division works tirelessly to ensure that the most cutting-edge improvements are available to election officials across the state and voters in all 159 counties. Enhancements like this make elections go smoothly.”

The new sample ballot provides voters an interactive experience with the option to select their choices on screen and print out a marked sample ballot to take with them to the polls. Voters are encouraged to take their sample ballots with them when they go vote in order to assist them with marking their official ballots. Georgia voters should know that sample ballots sent by third parties or downloaded from My Voter Page cannot be used as an official ballot, and should not be returned to their county election offices.