Rocking Financial Literacy: Funding the Future Returns to Georgia!

March 8th, 2024

Atlanta - The Securities Division of Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger’s office has teamed with Funding The Future, a nonprofit organization dedicated to instilling financial literacy in schools. Headlined by musician Carter Hulsey, Funding the Future will showcase live performances at four schools, with two of them broadcasting the event. Carter Hulsey, leveraging the raw energy of a live musical performance, will deliver an electrifying show incorporating original music, multimedia visuals, and his personal life story. This innovative fusion of entertainment and education aims to impart crucial life lessons on personal finance, empowering students with the knowledge and confidence to transform their aspirations into reality.

This financial literacy-focused live event is set to impact over 1,700 students across Georgia. Participating schools include Clinch County High School in Homerville on Monday, March 11th at 10 am, Hapeville Charter Career Academy in Union City on Wednesday, March 13th at 12 pm, Taylor Road Middle School in Johns Creek on Thursday, March 14th at 9:10 am, 10:50 am, and 2:35 pm, and Tallulah Falls School in Tallulah Falls on Friday, March 15th at 2 pm. The show will be livestreamed to students at Georgia Cyber Academy and Clayton County Youth Commission.

Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger emphasizes the significance of this collaboration, stating, "This unique partnership embeds essential personal finance skills in the next generation of leaders. Georgia's students will be more financially savvy, equipped to navigate the challenges of adulthood with a positive financial outlook. These programs are crucial to ensuring the success of the next generation of Georgians."

The Securities Division shares a common vision with "Funding the Future" to educate students on the importance of intelligent financial decisions. Students, through a live performance by Carter Hulsey, gained insights into financial literacy, coupled with valuable life lessons on personal finance, providing them with the knowledge and confidence to realize their dreams. The Securities Division distributed free financial literacy booklets to the students.

Special thanks are extended by the Securities Division to individuals who coordinated with the Division to make these programs possible in their schools: Liza Stalvey and Alec Goodman at Clinch County High School, Alexes Green and Princess Owusa at Hapeville Charter Career Academy, Pansy Green at Taylor Road Middle School, Jeremy Stille and Kailyn Pickett at Tallulah Falls School, Michelle Gilyard and Breanna Sanders at Georgia Cyber Academy, and Ciara Dunn and Makayla Hodges at Clayton County Youth Commission.

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