Georgia Board Of Cemeterians

The Georgia Board of Cemeterians coordinates with the Securities Division to administer the Georgia Cemetery and Funeral Services Act of 2000.

The Georgia Board of Cemeterians is charged by law with regulating the practice of perpetual care cemeteries, merchandise dealers, preneed dealers and preneed sales agents. The Board is authorized to approve licenses, take disciplinary action against licensees who fail to maintain professional standards, and adopt rules and regulations concerning the Georgia Cemetery and Funeral Services Act. The Board provides consumers with an assurance of the qualifications of licensees along with a means of enforcement in order to protect the health, safety and welfare of the public.

Board Members

Board members are appointed by the Governor for terms of office of six years and all vacancies occurring on the board shall be filled by the Governor.

David Hass, President & Chairman

Mark Anderson

William “Mickey” Couey

Clift Dempsey

Tom Lord

Richard Parker

Board Meetings

More information on Board Meetings and Events can be found on the Cemeteries Board Events page.

Board meetings are bi-monthly and are open to the public. Persons wishing to bring matters for Board consideration must submit a written request to the [email protected] or by calling 470-312-2640.

Board meetings are held at least six times per year and portions of the meeting are open to the public. Board minutes are posted once they are approved by the Board of Cemeterians. 

The 2024 Board Meeting dates are:

February 13



April 16



June 18



August 20



October 15



December 17



Cemeterian Meeting Minutes

Board minutes are not posted until they have been approved by the Board. For your convenience, the approved board meeting minutes are available for download below.

Board Rules

The Georgia Cemetery and Funeral Services Act of 2000, amended is administered by the Georgia Secretary of State, Securities Division.  It governs the registration, reporting, and enforcement of cemetery companies and preneed dealers within the State of Georgia. The Act is supplemented by the rules and orders promulgated by the Georgia Secretary of State.  Visit Georgia Cemetery and Funeral Services Act of 2000 & Rules to learn more.



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