About the Board

The State Construction Industry Licensing Board consists of five sub-boards: The Division of Conditioned Air Contractors, Division of Electrical Contractors, Division of Low Voltage Contractors, Division of Master and Journeyman Plumbers, and Division of Utility Contractors. The full board only meets twice a year, but each board has the authority to pass rules that relate only to their board’s jurisdiction when meeting on their own. In addition to the members of the sub-boards, the full Board has two consumer members who are not connected with the construction industry. The Board members are appointed by the Governor to serve a term of four years. The Board protects the public against faulty construction installations through the licensing of contractors. The Board establishes and administers standards for the licensing of the contractors in the above professions.

Board Members

Unrestricted (Division Chairman)
Randy Zimler 

Electrical Engineer
Tim Trotter

Counte Cooley 

Steve Owens

Chief Electrical Inspector

Executive Director
La Trenda Tyler-Jones

Board Meetings

More information on Board Meetings and Events can be found on the Low Voltage Contractors Board Events page.