About The Board

The Georgia General Assembly created the Georgia State Board of Registration for Professional Geologists in 1975 for the purpose of protecting the public health, life, property, and welfare by regulating those who engage in the public practice of geology. The Board has the authority to adopt rules, set standards for licensure, adopt mandatory standards of professional conduct, and investigate and discipline unauthorized, negligent, or incompetent practice. Applicants for licensure as a registered geologist must obtain a minimum of level of education and experience and must pass a national examination. The Board is comprised of seven members. Six members are appointed by the Governor and serve for terms of five years. Five of the appointed members are registered geologists, and one member is appointed from the public at large. The commissioner of natural resources, or his or her designated agent, serves as a permanent ex officio member.

Board Members

Elizabeth “Allison” Keefer, PG 
Board Chair 

Kurtis Hausner, PG 

Pamela Jeanne Gore, PG 

Edward Rooks, PG 

Dr. Jim L. Kennedy, III, PG 
Ex-Officio Member 

James "Bubber" Epps 
Consumer Member 

Executive Director

Laurie Elander

Board Meetings

More information on Board Meetings and Events can be found on the Geologists Board Events page.

Professional Associations