Business identity theft is when someone illegally impersonates or takes over the identity of a business. This is often done by changing the registration information of the business, such as the business’s address or officer information. The identity thief may then use the business’s identity to establish lines of credit with banks or retailers, obtain business loans, and/or purchase goods that can be bought and exchanged for cash or sold with relative ease. Dealing with business identity theft can be time-consuming and challenging. 

What you should do if your business is a victim ?

Additional Anti-Fraud Tips

The Secretary of State’s e-mail notification program sends an e-mail to every email address associated with the corporate entity when a filing is filed on record. The notification asks each contact with an email address on file to review the entity’s information and to make sure that the changed information is authorized and correct.  

  • Document contacts, including names, titles, phone numbers, and extensions. Include the names and numbers of all law enforcement officers whom you contact. 
  • Follow up all calls with a letter (with a return receipt). Also, follow up and make sure that agencies or institutions have received all documents that they need to assist you. 
  • Maintain information. Do not throw away files related to the identity theft. Keep all notes, correspondences, printouts of e-mails, copies of reports, and other documents in a secure and accessible file.  
  • Regularly monitor your credit report. 
  • Regularly monitor your business record with the Secretary of State’s Corporations Division. 
  • Review the Identity Theft section of the Georgia Department of Law-Consumer Protection Unit website. 



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