SAFE Commission

Former Secretary of State Brian Kemp established the Secure, Accessible & Fair Elections (SAFE) Commission in April 2018 to study options for Georgia’s next voting system. The SAFE Commission will conduct thorough discussions on all options – including the feasibility of using all hand-marked paper ballots to all electronic machines with a voter-verified paper trail – and travel the state to solicit feedback from stakeholders. Members will conduct cost analysis of market options, research post-election audit procedures, and provide legislative recommendations to lawmakers before the next session of Georgia’s General Assembly.

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SAFE Commission Recommendations

SAFE Commission Report Attachments

Request For Information

Click here to access the state's Request for Information from vendors on options to replace Georgia’s current voting machines, electronic poll book system, election management software, precinct scanners and tabulators, and election night reporting website. Responses were due by August 24, 2018. 

Seven vendors submitted responses: Clear Ballot, Dominion Voting, Election Systems & Software, Hart InterCivic, Robis Elections, Smartmatic USA, and Unisyn Voting Solutions. Each vendor was asked to provide a version of its response to the RFI for public dissemination.

Meeting Agendas, Minutes, and Transcripts

Click HERE for the January 10, 2019 meeting's agenda.

Click HERE for the January 10, 2019 meeting video.

Click HERE for the meeting transcript for the January 10, 2019 meeting

Click HERE for the December 12, 2018 meeting's agenda.

Click HERE for the meeting transcript for the December 12, 2018 meeting.

Click HERE for the August 30, 2018 meeting's agenda.

Click HERE for the meeting transcript for the August 30, 2018 meeting.

Click HERE for Dr. Wenke Lee's presentation.

Click HERE for the June 13, 2018 meeting's agenda. 

Click HERE for Election Director Chris Harvey's presentation at the June 13, 2018 meeting.

Click HERE for the meeting transcript for the June 13, 2018 meeting.

SAFE Commission Members


- Secretary of State Robyn A. Crittenden

- State Representative Barry A. Fleming (R – Harlem)

Elected Officials 

- Secretary of State-Elect Brad Raffensperger

- State Representative James Beverly (D – Macon)

- State Senator Lester Jackson (D – Savannah)

- State Senator Brian Strickland (R – McDonough)

Elections Officials

- Lynn Bailey, Executive Director, Richmond County Board of Elections

- Nancy Boren, Director of Elections & Voter Registration, Muscogee County

- Deidre Holden, Supervisor of Elections & Voter Registration, Paulding County

- Darin McCoy, Probate Judge and Election Superintendent, Evans County

- Cynthia Willingham, Supervisor, Rockdale County Board of Elections & Voter Registration Office

Information Technology and Cyber Security Expert

- Wenke Lee, Co-Executive Director, Georgia Tech’s Institute for Information Security & Privacy (IISP)

Political Party Representatives

- Michael Jablonski, General Counsel, Democratic Party of Georgia

- John Monds, Libertarian Party of Georgia, Executive Committee

- Vincent Russo, Deputy General Counsel, Georgia Republican Party

Voter Accessibility Expert

- Amy Howell, Assistant Commissioner and General Counsel, Department of Behavioral Health & Developmental Disabilities (DBHDD)

Voters At-Large

- James “Jimmy” McDonald, Managing Principal, McDonald Firm, LLC

- Sheila Ross, Director of Capital Litigation, Prosecuting Attorneys’ Council of Georgia



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