Trademark and Service Mark Application And Forms

You may file your trademark or service mark filings online on our website's Online Services or by submitting completed application forms to the Corporations Division. The forms are in Adobe Acrobat .pdf format, which require the Adobe Acrobat reader in order to view, fill, or print these forms. To download a free copy of the Adobe Acrobat reader, please visit the Adobe website. Please note: printing the forms require the “Comments and Forms” option to be set to “Document and Markups” under the Print option in order to the print the complete form.

This office does not search records of federal or other state trademark registrations, and cannot guarantee availability of marks. Registration of your mark provides public notice of your claim to the mark. Registration of a trademark or service mark does not prevent another person from registering the name as a trade name in the county where the business is located, or prevent another person from incorporating or forming an entity under the same name. Information on registration of a trade name is obtained from the clerk of superior court of the county in which a business operates. (See O.C.G.A. § 10-1-490.) You may obtain information on filing a corporation, limited partnership, or limited liability company in Georgia on the Corporations Division's website or by calling (404) 656-2817.

Instructions for Completing Initial Application for Trademark or Service Mark Registration



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