How to Change Ownership or Renew

  • Renewal is completed online and is required by August 1st.

Keep Your Contact Info Up to Date

  • Be sure the email address you include for yourself on your application is correct and up to date. Email is the primary means of communication for the Board.  
  • Additionally, it is important for applicants/licensees to update their email address with the Board just as they would update their physical and mailing addresses

Select your application type to view instructions on how to apply:

Perpetual Care Cemetery Change of Ownership

Perpetual Care Cemetery Renewal


Change of Ownership




Late Renewal (after 8/1 of renewal year)

$550 ($500 penalty + $50 renewal fee)

Perpetual Care Cemetery Change of Ownership

Comprehensive checklists and documentation requirements.

Perpetual Care Cemetery Renewal

If you have previously held this license and need to renew in order to keep your license up to date, apply for licensure renewal before August 1st of the year it expires to avoid late fees.

How to File

File online

  1. Using our secure online filing platform GASeamlessGov, fill out your contact information and upload your completed application.
  2. You will be prompted to pay the fee. This platform only accepts VISA and MASTERCARD.

File by mail

Alternatively, you can file by mail.

  1. Complete the application.
  2. Make check or money order payable to “Georgia Secretary of State.”
  3. Enclose document and payment in envelope and mail to:
    Securities Division
    Attn:  Cemeteries and Funeral Services
    Office of the Georgia Secretary of State
    2 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive SE
    Suite 317 West Tower
    Atlanta, GA 30334

Please be aware that documents sent via US Postal Services and courier services may have delays in processing. For quicker processing, our filers are encouraged to use GASeamlessGov online platform to submit filings.



2 MLK Jr Dr SE
Ste 317, West Tower
Atlanta, Georgia 30334

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