Requesting An Investigation

Under section 21-2-31, Georgia Statutes, the State Election Board has authority to conduct investigations into the administration of primary and election law and fraud and irregularities in primaries and elections. It shall be the duty of the State Election Board to report violations of the primary and election laws to the Attorney General or the appropriate district attorney who shall be responsible for further investigation and prosecution.

Preparing To File A Request

Filing The Request

After You File Your Request

Requests filed with the Board will be acknowledged after they are filed or received.

The State Election Board’s investigations are confidential until disclosed and action is taken by the Board. A copy of the request will be provided to the person or entity against whom it is brought. Due to time constraints and workload, it is not possible for the Board to provide periodic updates to Requestors on ongoing investigations.  Every reasonable effort is made to notify Requestors should the matter be on the Agenda for a Board Meeting.




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