Poll Watcher Training

A poll watcher is a person designated by an independent candidate, nonpartisan candidate, a political party, or political body to observe at a polling place on election day or during advance voting. Poll Watchers may be permitted behind the enclosed space for the purpose of observing the conduct of the election and the counting and recording of votes. Candidates listed on the ballot are ineligible to serve as a poll watcher in such primary, election, or runoff. 

No person shall be appointed or be eligible to serve as a poll watcher in any primary or election in which such person is a candidate. Poll watcher training must be provided by the political party, political body, or candidate designating the poll watcher. Download the Poll Watcher Training Manual>>

O.C.G.A. § 21-2-408 

Georgia Poll Workers Resources

The Georgia Poll Workers Training Resources web-pages include training videos and other resources to help you learn how to be a successful part of polling place operations on Election Day.



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