How to Apply

To apply as a Developing Program, review the requirements and the step-by-step guide below.  

  • Licensure requires completing an application, get it signed and notarized, and pay the required fee.   

Select your application type to view instructions on how to apply: 

Developing Programs Application Checklist 

After you Apply – What to Expect

  • Processing Time – Applications are generally processed and presented at the next board meeting.
    • Completed applications will be reviewed by Board staff and may be reviewed by the Board at an upcoming Board Meeting. Applications must be complete at least 10 days prior to a Board Meeting to be added to that meeting’s agenda. Otherwise, the application will be reviewed at the next Board meeting.
    • Your contact person is the Nurse Education Consultant, Dr. Linda Morgan, PhD, MSN, RN
  • Keep Your Contact Info Up to Date
    • Be sure the email address you include for yourself on your application is correct and current. Email is the primary means of communication for the Board.  
    • Additionally, it is important for applicants to update their email address with the Board just as they would update their physical and mailing addresses.


Application by exam


Application by endorsement


Application by reinstatement


APRN authorization


eNLC Conversion


Nursing Education Program Development


License renewal


Late renewal


Verification of request


Transcript request


Roster of licensees


Out-of-State repeat exam requests


Wall certificates


Processing Fees - Effective 3/15/2022

  • Online processing fee: $5.00
  • Mail-In processing fee: $10.00

Developing Programs Application Checklist

For an RN education program, the letter of intent must include the following according to Board Rule 410 – 8 - .12

How to File

To file online: 

Once your checklist is completed, please create an account and upload all documents through the online portal.

To file by mail (preferred): 

Once your checklist is completed, please mail all documents to: 

Georgia Board of Nursing
237 Coliseum Drive 
Macon, Georgia 31217 



237 Coliseum Drive
Macon, Georgia 31217

Group 20

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