The Securities Division partners with Funding The Future, a nonprofit organization focused on promoting financial literacy in schools. 

About Funding the Future

About Funding the Future

The Securities Division has a shared vision with “Funding the Future” to educate students on the importance of smart financial decisions. The students learned about financial literacy with a live musical performance coupled with a multi-media presentation and a dialogue around financial literacy between students and the musician.

Students are given free financial literacy booklets provided by the Securities Division called the Investor & Financial Literacy Guide, Strategies for Investing Wisely & Avoiding Financial Fraud, as well as, Starting Your Financial Future: Making Informed Decisions When Starting Your New Job.

“We support all Georgia students having access to critical financial skills that will define their future and empower them financially.” said Noula Zaharis, Division Director

Partner With Us

If you are interested in partnering with us, please Email or call Financial Literacy Outreach: (404) 693-2793



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