Be Alert, Avoid Scams

The Georgia Secretary of State is warning the public that there has been an increase in scams involving fraudsters posing as legitimate businesses or government agencies.

Be on alert for any messages coming from businesses that use misleading information to primarily solicit monies from you.  They may pose as impersonators of genuine firms and bogus regulators who claim to be government agencies or affiliates.

These scams make spam telephone calls, send physical mail or use “spoofed” emails and websites. The goal is to lure you into providing account or personal information.

Scammers use the many tactics to steal millions of dollars a year from unsuspecting individuals. 

Take the time to make sure that you know where your money or personal information is really going.

Spotting A Scam

Notice To Georgia Investors

Additional Resources

If you think you have fallen victim to a scam or you want to report one, contact the Georgia Secretary of State for help. Email [email protected]  or call 470-312-2640.



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